Special Nail Services

Acrylic Nails Set $28  & up

Acrylic Fill in $18  & up

Acrylic White Tip $33  & up

Fill with French $23  & up

Gel Nail Set $35  & up

Gel Fill In $25  & up

Solar Full Set (Pink & White) $50  & up

Fill Pink $30  & up

Fill Pink & White $35  & up

Healthy Nail Systems (HNS & SNS)

Healthy Nai Systems are odor and damage free to nail bed, comfortable, breathable, resistant to chipping & cracking and maintenance free. It is also healthy for your real nails by adding calcium & vitamin E.

Healthy Nail Color Set $40  & up

Color Fill-in $30  & up

Pink & White French Set $50  & up

Pink & White French Fill-in $35  & up

Pink & White American Set $50  & up

Pink & American Fill-in $35  & up

Pedicure Treatment

Express Pedicure $26 

Classic Pedicure (Honey Sugar) $31 

Paraffin Spa Pedicure $36 

Mud Spa Pedicure $36 

Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $41 

French Pedicure $31 

Kid Pedicure (10 yrs & under) $21 

Color Gel Pedicure $41 

Super Spa Pedicure $46 

This super pedicure includes a callus treatment, sea sand scrub with sea kelp and aloe, creating exfoliation for the feet and polish finish. There's also a sugar scrub and your choice of a cooling mask or hot paraffin dip.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $51 

This package includes nail cut down, callus treatment, sugar scrub with honey and orange. The works also include a hot stone therapy. Next your feet are revitalized with a thin layer of marine masque or paraffin dip,

Kid Pedicure & Manicure Combo $31 

Pedicure & Manicure Combo $36 

French Pedicure & Manicure $46 

Deluxe Pedicure & Manicure $71 

Manicure Treatment

Spa Manicure $15 

Paraffin Spa Manicure $20 

Mud Spa Manicure $20 

French Manicure $20 

Kid Manicure (10 yrs & under) $10 

Color Gel Manicure $25 

Deluxe Spa Manicure $30 

A deluxe citrus "facial for your hands" is a 2-step citrus acid exfoliation that will rejuvenate, deeply hydrate and help restore skin to a more youthful appearance. Topped off with an essential oil-infused ceramide and vitamins. This hand manicure, arm massage and a perfect polish of nail, your skin and nails will be left radiant and glowing!

Eyelashes Extension

Eyelash extension is a semi-permanent procedure, adhering individual synthetic lashes to individual natural lashes. The extension will last for the full length of the lash cycle. When the natural lash falls out, the synthetic lash will fall out with it, u

Eyebrow Tint $10 

Eyelash Tint $20 

Eyelash Extension (Clusters) $35 

Fill-in $20 

Eyelash Extension (Individual) $150 

Fill-in. $80 

Additional Service

French $7 

Nail Art $5  +

Nail Repair $5 

Nail Removal $10 

Toe Nail Cut Down $12 

Polish Change Feet $10 

Gel Color Removal $10 

Gel Over For Shine $5 

Polish Change Hand $7 

Finger Nails Cut Down $7 

French Polish Change Feet $12 

French Polish Change Hand $10 

Smooth Body Waxing

A strategic design for personal waxing will change your appearance and attraction great iteration.

Eyebrows $10 

Upper Lip $8 

Chin $8 

Jaws $12 

Under Arms $25 

Chest $40 

Back $40 

Shoulder $20 

Full Arms $35 

Half Arms $25 

Full Legs $55 

Half Legs $30 

Bikini $30 

Brazilian $60 

* Benefits to waxing

- Hair takes longer to grow back.

- Areas stay softer and smoother for a longer period of time

- Notching or stubble while the hairs are growing back

- Waxed hair becomes finer & sparser over time.